Final Report on Saskatoon’s Urban Agriculture Action Plan

We are excited to announce that the final report on Saskatoon’s Urban Agriculture Action Plan is now ready! The report can be accessed at the following link: ASAP Report – April 2017

Our next steps are to work on some of the actions outlined in the report, so stay tuned for future activities! We look forward to working with the community on projects that will help grow more food in our beautiful city.


Urban Ag, we are working on it!

Thanks for stopping in. If you are interested in supporting urban agriculture in Saskatoon SK, then drop a note to the Saskatoon Food Council

This site is focused on research in community food systems in Saskatoon. Have a look around, we look forward to your ideas on how to grow more food in the city.

Wanda Martin, RN, PhD is and Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan.


Thank you!

As our community meetings have come to an end, we’d like to thank everyone who was able to come out and participate in our discussions about growing more food in Saskatoon! Your feedback was great, and we look forward to coming up with the proposed urban agriculture action plan!!

The online portion will still be open for a short time. If you didn’t manage to make it out to one of the community meetings this summer, but would still like to participate, please click on the following link:


The Urban Agriculture Research Team

How could urban agriculture work for you?

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This research project, being run out of the University of Saskatchewan, is investigating how to best promote urban agricultural projects within Saskatoon, and we are looking for community members to participate! The goals of this study are to support the work of the Saskatoon Food Council, to guide changes to the built environment within Saskatoon, and to promote access to high quality food and active living.

Earlier this summer, we generated a list of ideas of how people think we could grow more food in Saskatoon. We’re now looking for people to give us feedback on these ideas, and let us know how important/feasible they are! To participate, please click here.

We are also looking for people to participate in small group discussions about how to create urban agriculture projects within all the different neighbourhoods in Saskatoon. We want to create an urban agriculture plan for Saskatoon that can increase access to quality, affordable food while providing opportunities for physical activity, and these meetings will help us understand the work needed to achieve these goals.

Meetings will take approximately 90 minutes. All participants will be entered into a draw for a CHEP Good Food Box. To be contacted about meetings in your area, please email

If you would like more information on the research project, please contact Wanda Martin at, or call (306) 966-5429 during normal office hours.

CHEP good food box


Types of Urban Agriculture


This study has been funded by the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation.


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